Greece is one of this country which doesn’t have a proper “Cadastre” or cadaster that we can generally find in France, UK, Germany etc … That means some precaution needs to be taken to avoid any kind of future disappointment. Once you have decided which land is the one of your dream, the process is starting. It is generally rather simple and quite fast as long as you have all guaranty covered.


The cost for all administration fees and checking fees represents generally between 10 and 13% of the buying price.


This percentage is including:


- The lawyer and all the necessary controls

- The notarial office for the contract between parties

- The usual taxes from the states (usually 3%)

- The commission from the broker or real estate office


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It has taken a little time for Greece to be considered as an overseas property hot spot, however now is the time to buy as those in search of a property abroad start to head for the shores of Greece. It has always been a source of surprise that property buyers have not made Greece a prime location. The Greek amphitheatres, pine-clad hillsides, dramatic limestone gorges and sun-drenched isles have attracted millions of holidaymakers every year. Greece is said to have the 9th longest coastline in the world and benefits from numerous islands including Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Euboea, the Dodecanese and the Cycladic groups of the Aegean Sea as well as the Ionian Sea islands.

Buying property in Greece you need permission

Foreign nationals can buy property in Greece however overseas buyers who are not from the European Union must obtain permission from the local prefecture in certain areas in Greece. Although it sounds very complicated it generally does not take a great deal of time and usually is granted without a great deal of fuss.

Buying property in Greece you should hire a lawyer

Buying property in a foreign land can be risky and buying property in Greece is no exception. There is a term in Greece known as ‘usucaption’ this means that a property has not been registered properly during the various changes of ownership through the course of its history. Those who buy without a lawyer will not know about this potential nightmare. A lawyer will be able to make you aware of this as it could prove costly if an owner arrives and stakes claim to your property. The courts are likely to give the original ‘title’ and you would lose your Greek home.

Buying property in Greece you need a tax number

Overseas property buyers must obtain a tax role number this is known in Greece as AFM. You will need to present your passport to obtain the AFM.

Buying property in Greece you should get a survey

Getting the best price for your Greek property is sometimes helped by obtaining an independent survey. It can give you bargaining power and will also highlight any deficiencies in the property

Buying property in Greece the process

1.) Make an offer on the property

2.) A preliminary contract is drafted

3.) A deposit of up to about 10% is placed on the property at the time this agreement is executed.

4.) The seller satisfies any obligations under the preliminary agreement,

5.) The final contract is signed between the parties.

6.) The final contract is signed before the public notary.

Then sit back and enjoy the benefits of owning your property in Greece

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